If you have agreed to an immigration solicitor or immigration lawyer to help and you have accepted their wishes and conditions and you are happy with this then you can request them to act for you with your particular query.

You can additionally opt to schedule an appointment ordinarily referred to as a consultation, a lot of immigration solicitors and immigration lawyers offer an initial cost-free consultation meeting although you may also opt for a defined meeting at a stipulated fee.

Make sure you have all your questions prepared and also have all the necessary information that will be necessary and that maybe required, remember especially if this is an appointment for a scheduled period you want to be fully prepared so as to make full use of the allocated time.

The immigration lawyer will want to know certain crucial facts before they can start on your matter for example they would want to know your existing immigration standing and immigration history or the immigration standing of the person you may be enquiring on their behalf so if you have your passport or an immigration status document it would be useful to carry this along to the appointment, whether you have any outstanding application at the Home Office and what it is that you want to achieve.

With these facts the immigration solicitor or immigration lawyer will check the immigration regulations and requirements and apply this to your individual situation.